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I'm self conscious about my love of the needle as well! Especially in Holland, where knitting isn't really trendy and where men think is is "charming" to make fun of you.

Also, it's funny how quickly people change their mind about knitting once given a nice yarn with bamboo or wood needles.

Mary de B

I think that pooling sock looks great! It will swirl around your leg.

Stevie P

I wish I had the idea of photographing your yarn baskets to display your obsession on the interwebs for all to see. Fortunately I had beach-brain. ;)


I always love pooling, actually. "If I still wore socks" makes me laugh/cry.


Hey Alison!
Having just shivered through a week of rain and temperatures in the teens instead of high 20s "if I still wore socks" made me laugh. I don't think that's pooling. I think of pooling as blotches of colour. What you've got going on there is really pretty swirled bands of colour. Love it!
Also really love the skull armwarmers. I have 2 goth teen girls in my life who will go nuts for them.

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